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Has an auto accident, a workplace personal injury or an inadequately labeled product caused you or a loved one to be seriously injured? Are you desperately seeking ways to cope with lost wages, mounting medical bills and lingering physical pain? Looking for a way to avoid losing your home?

At De Varona, Arango & Weinstein, in Miami and Hollywood, we have honest answers to your questions and provide creative solutions to your unique legal problems.

Our respected Florida lawyers' versatility takes us to a variety of places including cities and towns large and small, on behalf of a broad range of clients. We may be appealing a worker's compensation benefits denial one day and taking on challenging medical malpractice litigation the next day, or in Circuit Court defending people in the process of losing their home the next day.

Our talents extend to employment law areas such as wage and overtime and foreclosure disputes. We also advocate for those who have been denied Social Security disability benefits. Additionally, Longshoremen who have been injured during rugged work off our coasts, know that they can trust in De Varona, Arango & Weinstein to professionally handle their case.

De Varona, Arango & Weinstein can also help you resolve your individual slip-and-fall injury claim or your family's nursing home abuse case. Our attorneys are determined to succeed for you. Trust the decades of experience and our reputation for results at our aggressive, professional law firm. Discuss your potential case with us today. Your initial consultation is always free of charge.

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